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#28: Build In Public or Not? w/ KP

#28: Build In Public or Not? w/ KP | In this episode of Startup Project we spoke to KP, Build In Public guy on Twitter. What is Build In Public? Why Build In Public? Cornering Keywords on Internet The Good, Bad & Ugly of Build In Public

#26 Mohan Belani: Co-Founder of

#26 Mohan Belani: Co-Founder of Todays guest is Mohan Belani the co-founder of E27 is tech publication covering SEA startups. I have discovered E27 as I was looking for finding the tech publications covering startup ecosystems that I was interested in following. E27 is like TechCrunch but for Southeast Asia.

#25 Todd Bishop: Co-Founder of

In this week's episode of Startup Project we spoke to Todd Bishop, Co-Founder of Geekwire. He is a longtime business and technology journalist who reports on subjects including AI, cloud, startups, and health technology, plus Amazon and Microsoft, & hosts GeekWire's weekly podcast.

500x Return from Coinbase Angel Investment

500x return on an angel investment in Coinbase. Liron shares his story of how his crypto investments have given him life changing returns. Liron Shapira is known as the guy who write twitter threads about web3 use cases including Axie Infinity & Helium. But before becoming twitter famous, he is also a founder & angel investor and currently runs a YC backed startup called Relationship Hero. The irony in his angel investments is he made life changing money by investing in Coinbase which was a 500x return on his investment.