Rise of Egalitarian Forces

Rise of Egalitarian Forces The GameStop incident is an anecdote of a larger phenomenon that will be more common in the future. There have been events like Game stop before but not in the capital markets, not at the same scale. Although the short squeeze is a common phenomenon in capital markets, the cause and… Read More »Rise of Egalitarian Forces

Startup Project’s Favorite Podcasts

I am a heavy podcast consumer. The following list is not the best podcast ever created. It is a list that I listen most to. Each of these podcasts have their strengths and weaknesses but all of them are engaging if you are interested in the topics they deal with. 1. Invest Like the Best… Read More »Startup Project’s Favorite Podcasts

Why Start Startup Project?

Why Create A Podcast? Podcasts are having a renaissance movement. The original podcasts were just radio shows that we heard while going to work. They were accessible but limited by genre. They were either news or entertainment. But as with everything, the internet changed it. The widely available audio distribution platforms, reduced barriers to entry,… Read More »Why Start Startup Project?

Follow the Leverage

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. Archimedes said this 2000 years ago, but it is more applicable today than ever. The quote underlines an important aspect of the economy that we live in. Leverage is a striking thought paradigm to employ… Read More »Follow the Leverage

How To Choose Which Book You Should Read Next | Book 3

Books are part of Entertainment Industry. The book industry is guided by same market forces that you see in other media business like supply, demand & virality among others. This result is a range of quality across the content (books) produced, in this case, published. In any given year newly released books are distributed in… Read More »How To Choose Which Book You Should Read Next | Book 3

How Do You Create a System to Increase Your Time Reading? | Books Part 2

To develop long term habits is about setting up systems that support your cause. Systems play an important role in surviving the time and keeping the habits alive. Without systems, all you have are bursts of unacted motivations. You will be caught up in wants of doing it, but never actually getting to do it.… Read More »How Do You Create a System to Increase Your Time Reading? | Books Part 2