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Why is Taylor Swift Re-recording Her Songs?

challenges beyond creating melodies and lyrics. One such artist who has been making headlines with her innovative approach to regaining control over her music is the renowned Taylor Swift. Swift's decision to re-record her earlier albums has sparked discussions not only about artistic ownership but also about the power dynamics within the industry. In this blog post, we delve into the why, what, and how of Taylor Swift's re-recording journey.

Is it worth creating new websites in the world of LLMs?

🚨AI SECOND ORDER EFFECT: 🚨New Websites? The explosion of generative AI products was possible bcoz we contributed to the open internet. We created data that created LLMs. But do LLMs remove incentives for us to create more data? Read on 👇 If we move away from searching & visiting websites to chatting with copilots the… Read More »Is it worth creating new websites in the world of LLMs?

Checklist for Investing in AngelList Syndicates

Who am I to talk about this? Over last 4 years I have looked at 1000+ deals across AL or otherwise, invested along side AL syndicates across India & U.S including seeing some exits. I have also co-lead some deals in the process with my own syndicate. If you are interested in future deals that I might… Read More »Checklist for Investing in AngelList Syndicates

Who Is The Bezos of YouTube? MrBeast

MrBeast is Bezos of YouTube. Sounds crazy right? Wait, I will give some good reasons. Amazon has 14 principles (Bezos added 2 more before leaving). Every employee is trained to think using these 14 principles. My thesis is MrBeast thinks like Bezos would, if he was a YouTube creator. He fits right at home with the… Read More »Who Is The Bezos of YouTube? MrBeast