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Hi, I am Nataraj. I try to gain leverage via code (working at Azure), capital (investments) & media (blog & podcasts).

I like to talk to people who are creating something & if you are working on something interesting feel free to reach out. After all internet is created for this purpose.

I am easy to reach but be patient if I don’t respond. For quick response provide clarity on what your ask is.

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I spent most of my day leveraging code both as a Software Developer & now a Product Manager. I have worked across products ranging from healthcare software, Dynamics 365, Hybrid Cloud & currently in managed File Share products at Azure.

I believe that individuals are not designed to one thing all their life, so I do different interesting at any given time, or at least try to. This means I occasionally invest in companies through my syndicate and often host a podcast as an excuse to talk to people I find interesting on internet.

My Investments

Want to invest alongside me? Check out NVC Syndicate on Angel List.





Document Super App
Y Combinator
Alto IRA
Alternative investments IRA
Unusual Ventures
Bear Tax
Simplify Crypto Taxes, Hustle Fund
Fixing Diagnostics for India
PointOne Capital
Statiq Mobility
EV charging Network for India
Y Combinator
Convert documents to structured data
Florian Leibert, Immad Akhund
Fleet-Tech Management
Sequoia India
360 degree healthcare for India
MassMutual Ventures
Remote events software
Sequoia India
Prodigy [Exit]
AI Lending Platform
Tribe Capital
Rupifi [Exit]
B2B Payments
Better Capital, Tiger Global
All in one teaching platform for IB Schools
Better Capital, Matrix Partners
Newton School
Lambda school for Indian Engineers
Nexus Venture Partners
Testbook [Exit]
Test Prep platform for govt jobs
Better Capital, Matrix Partners
Accounts automation platform
Sequoia India
Indian aerospace manufacturer
Pi Ventures, Mayfield Fund
Sleepy Owl
India’s premium coffee brand
DSG Consumer Partners


I prefer email over all communications. I am easy to reach, but for fast response provide relevant context and be direct of your ask. If you are reaching out for raising funds for your startup, please make sure you submit the form here.


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