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Hi, I am Nataraj. I grew up in India and moved to the U.S in 2013. Right now, I reside in Seattle area working in tech. I expand my leverage with code (working at Azure), capital (investments) & media (podcasts & newsletter).

I like to talk to people who are creating something interesting & new. If you are one of those, feel free to reach out. After all internet is created for this purpose.

Connect with me over email, follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. I am easy to reach but be patient if I don’t respond. For quick response provide clarity on what your ask is.


I spend most of my day leveraging code previously as a Software Developer & now as a Product Manager. I have worked across products ranging from healthcare software, Dynamics 365, Hybrid Cloud, AI & currently in managed File Share products at Azure.

Azure Files: Managed file share supporting NFS & SMB to store unstructured data.
Azure Stack: Developed hybrid cloud product, best of Azure in Cloud & On-Premises.
Dynamics 365: Support as a service product used by customer service teams.
EHR: Built products for EHR solution at Epic Systems. Used by 60%+ U.S population.

I believe individuals are not designed to one thing all their life, so I do different interesting things at any given time, or at least try to. This means I occasionally invest in early stage companies & host a podcast as an excuse to talk to the most interesting people on the internet.


Podcast: Startup Project

This is a bi-weekly podcast about the business of technology. The conversations features founders, executives & investors. Check out more the podcast on Spotify, Apple, YouTube & other platforms.

Podcast: End 2 End

This is a limited series podcast where I have broke down different sectors in the technology business. Episodes include business model breakdowns of Media & Streaming business, Food Delivery businesses & more.

Newsletter: Above Average

Above Average is a weekly newsletter for technology professionals who are looking to understand the second-order effects and the hidden strategies behind the day to day decision of the big technology companies. Subscribe to get Above Average insights.

Open To:

Public speaking at conferences, podcasts & events on technology, startups, early stage investing, B2B product development, strategy & cloud technologies. Check out my previous appearances here, here, here & here. Below are some insights from my podcast appearances.👇
Advice startups on how to raise their pre-seed round, best practices on building pitch decks, approaching investors, evaluating if the idea is venture scale & exploring alternative fund raising mechanisms.
Invest in startups that are solving large interesting problems globally in India, U.S & else where. Check out the section below to see my previous investments. I am also a venture partner at a $10M Vertical Pre-Seed SaaS fund.
Collaborate with other podcasters & content creators to create new podcasts  and content related to the business of technology.

My Investments

Want to invest alongside me? Join my Syndicate for investing opportunities.

Validated – AI First Marketing – NEO 

Kaagaz – Document Super App – Y Combinator

Alto IRA – Alternative investments IRA – Unusual Ventures

Statiq Mobility – EV charging Network for India – Y Combinator

Handl – Convert documents to structured data – Florian Leibert, Immad Akhund

Loconav – Fleet-Tech Management – Sequoia India

Clinikk – 360 degree healthcare for India – MassMutual Ventures

Airmeet – Remote events software – Sequoia India

Prodigy – AI Lending Platfrom – Tribe Capital

Rupifi – B2B Payments – Better Capital, Tiger Global

Toddle – All in one teaching platform for IB schools – Better Capital, Matrix Partners

Newton School – Lambda school for Indian engineers – Nexus venture Partners

Testbook – Test Prep platfrom for govt jobs – Better Capital, Matrix Partners

Numberz – Accounts automation platform – Sequoia India

Agnikul – Indian aerospace manufacturer – Pi Ventures, Mayfield Fund

Sleepy Owl – India’s premium coffee brand – DSG Consumer Partners

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