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Story of Patagonia’s First Ecommerce Store (Clip)

Chris Devore and Nataraj talk about the brand ethos of Patagonia and the story behind the first ecommerce store of Patagonia. Chris is the Founding Managing Partner of Founders’ Co-op , Pacific Northwest’s leading seed-stage venture fund. Chris led the seed rounds for Seattle’s most recent successful IPO Remitly (NASDAQ:RELY) and $4B+ Outreach , was an early backer of Auth0 (acquired by Okta for $6.5B).

Is Web3 Technology or Political Ideology?

Web3 is interesting not because its just a new technology term, but it also defines a certain political belief underlying how society should be organized. A lot of crypto criticism also stems from the argument that blockchain as a technology is being force fitted into use cases that don't require blockchain and its need for block chain is more about political ideology rather than technological requirements.

How to Angel Invest?

Eric Bahn from Hustle Fund and Nataraj talk about how to get started on Angel Investing. Eric is the Co-Founder & General Partner at Hustle Fund. Hustle Fund recently raised Fund 3 and has $100M+ under management. Hustle Fund is known for investing in “hilariously early” startups, find more about them at