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How to Angel Invest?

Eric Bahn from Hustle Fund and Nataraj talk about how to get started on Angel Investing. Eric is the Co-Founder & General Partner at Hustle Fund. Hustle Fund recently raised Fund 3 and has $100M+ under management. Hustle Fund is known for investing in “hilariously early” startups, find more about them at

#19 Shruti Gandhi: Founder Array.VC on B2B Investing

In this Episode of Startup Project, Nataraj talked to Shruti Gandhi, GP of Array.VC. Shruthi's entry to venture is an interesting one. She started as an engineer and moved in to corporate venture capital and then eventually to start her own fund, Array.VC! Array.VC a solo fund investing in b2b enterprise companies, for more info check out her newsletter at