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#75 Satya Singh – Co-Founder of Scispot on redefining modern biotech’s data infrastructure

Satya , co-founder of Scispot, joins Startup Project’s Nataraj to share his journey from leading a platform team at Expedia to starting a biotech company that solves data challenges for life science labs.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Satya’s unique career path, from fashion startup owner to data expert.
  • The founding story of Scispot, tackling the problem of unanalyzed data in biotech.
  • The YC experience and its valuable lessons, including the importance of market signals.
  • Scispot’s growth and traction, serving a diverse range of lab-based businesses.
  • The exciting future of AI in biotech and Scispot’s role in empowering innovation.
  • Challenges and strategies for prioritizing features and building a sustainable platform.
  • Building a company in Seattle and the evolving startup ecosystem.
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs interested in biotech and the power of fresh perspectives.
Tune in to learn about Scispot’s vision for the future and Satya’s insightful perspectives on entrepreneurship, data, and the evolving landscape of biotech.
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Listen to the full conversation below:

About the host:

Nataraj is a Senior Product Manager and the host of the ‘ Startup Project ’ podcast. He also invests in startups with and writes ‘ 100 Days of AI ’, an educational series on AI.

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