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100 Days of AI

Learn, play, design & experiment with generative AI.

AI was already everywhere but with chat-gpt’s explosion, it captured everyone’s attention. Even though it might seem like there is an AI hype cycle, unlike other tech bubbles AI is here to stay. And whether you are developer, product manager, marketer or any other knowledge worker, you are better off, if you invest time in learning AI and think about how you can leverage it for you career. I have previously learnt machine learning, so my focus in this exercise would be to learn about LLMs (open source, closed source), what new products or features can be built, what it takes to build them, what new workloads would cloud technologies need to support as LLMs become mainstream. Below I will document all the ideas, learnings, experiments, how-to guides that I encounter during these 100 days.

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Day 8: How to Build on Gpt-4 Using MSFT’s Semantic Kernel

About 100 Days of AI: AI, with the rise of chat-GPT, captured attention of everyone. Unlike other tech bubbles, AI wave will be enduring. Whether you’re a developer, product manager, marketer, or in any knowledge role, investing time in learning AI will be worth your time for your career. 100 days of AI is my… Read…