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Hi, I am Nataraj. I grew up in India and moved to the U.S in 2013. Right now, I reside in Seattle area working in tech and developing planet scale tech products.

I am the host of Startup Project podcast where I feature investors, operators and founders and talk about the nuances of building tech businesses. I invest in early stage startups as a venture partner at & write a bi-weekly newsletter focused on the strategy behind the moves of tech companies.

100 Days of AI is my project to educate more people about AI and how leverage it for building new products.

Connect with me over emailfollow me on LinkedInTwitterInstagram & YouTube.

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Todd Bishop
Co-Founder of Geekwire
Peter Mueller
Founder of Breakwater VC
Brendan Rogers
Founder of WAG (NASDAQ: PET)
Ashmeet Sidana
Founder of Engineering Capital
Tim Chen
Founder of
Aseem Datar
Vice President, Microsoft
TA McCann
Entrepreneur & Investor at PSL
Chris Devore
Unicorn Investor
Taylor Black
Founder & Innovator
Joe Heitzeberg
Serial Entrepreneur
Eric Satz
Founder & CEO ALTO
Jacob Colker
Allen Institute of AI
Shruthi Gandhi
Founder of
Kirby Winfield
Entrepreneur & Pre-Seed Investor
Sajid Rahman
CEO & Venture Capitalist
Eric Bahn
Founder of Hustle Fund
Entrepreneur & MD Techstars
Ali Moiz
Serial Entrepreneur
Harvey Multani
Angel Investor