#23 Chris DeVore: Managing Partner Founders Co-op (Remitly, Auth0 & Outreach)

In this Episode of Startup Project, Nataraj talked to Chris DeVore, Founding Managing Partner of Founders’ Co-op , Pacific Northwest’s leading seed-stage venture fund. Chris led the seed rounds for Seattle’s most recent successful IPO Remitly (NASDAQ:RELY) and $4B+ Outreach , was an early backer of Auth0 (acquired by Okta for $6.5B).

Full conversation includes:

  • Starting Patagonia’s online store
  • Bringing Risk Capital to Seattle
  • Running TechStars Seattle
  • Starting Founders Co-Op
  • Thesis behind investing in Remitly
  • New new thing & Web3
  • Investing takeaways from covid shocks

Nataraj is a PM at Azure,  partner at NVC  & hosts thestartupproject.io  podcast. Follow him on Twitter at  https://twitter.com/natarajsindam .

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