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#17: Kirby Winfield GP

In this Episode of Startup project ( , Nataraj talked to Kirby Winfield, Founding GP of (pre-seed fund based in Seattle).

Prior to founding, Kirby was part of founding teams at Go2Net (GNET), Marchex (MCHX), Dwellable (Acquired by Home Away (AWAY)) & AdXpose (Acquired by comScore (SCOR)).

Ascend has recently emerged as one of the most important pre-seed funds for Seattle based companies. Check out the fund’s portfolio here. Kirby’s blog post on how to create a deck is easily the best blueprint for any one who is new to venture to follow.

Full conversation includes:

▪️ Through line of a successful career
▪️ How can companies strategize for an exit?
▪️ The why behind starting a pre-seed fund focussed on Pacific Northwest
▪️ Helping startups from zero to one
▪️ Price discovery of startups in current private markets

Check out the full conversation below or wherever you get your podcast fix.

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