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#15 Ali Moiz: Founder of

In this Episode of Startup project, Nataraj talked to Ali Moiz, Co-Founder of Stonks.Com.

Prior to co-founding Stonks, Ali was a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Stream Labs which was acquired by Logitech) & before that founder of Peanut Labs which was acquired by E-Rewards.

Ali is taking his experience with live video and combining it to early stage investing in his latest company (great name!).

If AngelList, Shark Tank & YC had a baby it would look like

Apart from creating companies Ali has been an early stage investor himself. With Poor Founders he also acquired late stage equity in some of the most interesting break out tech companies like Notion, Canva & AirTable.

For more interesting things about early stage investing, why do startups choose to get on to & other topics check out the full conversation here or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Full conversation includes:

  • Value prop of Stonks for founders & investors
  • Post pitch effect for startups
  • Behind the Scenes of
  • Evolution of Video Streaming
  • Investing in Canva, AirTable & notion via Poor Founders

Follow Ali on Twitter at & on LinkedIn at Checkout for more updates.


Startup Project podcast guests include Ali Moiz (Founder of, Kirby Winfield (, Eric Bahn (Hustle Fund), and many more.

Startup Project is hosted by Nataraj, you can follow him on twitter at @natarajsindam. You can also check out his portfolio here.


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