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Is it worth creating new websites in the world of LLMs?

🚨AI SECOND ORDER EFFECT: 🚨New Websites? The explosion of generative AI products was possible bcoz we contributed to the open internet. We created data that created LLMs. But do LLMs remove incentives for us to create more data? Read on 👇 If we move away from searching & visiting websites to chatting with copilots the… Read More »Is it worth creating new websites in the world of LLMs?

Checklist for Investing in AngelList Syndicates

Who am I to talk about this? Over last 4 years I have looked at 1000+ deals across AL or otherwise, invested along side AL syndicates across India & U.S including seeing some exits. I have also co-lead some deals in the process with my own syndicate. If you are interested in future deals that I might… Read More »Checklist for Investing in AngelList Syndicates

Who Is The Bezos of YouTube? MrBeast

MrBeast is Bezos of YouTube. Sounds crazy right? Wait, I will give some good reasons. Amazon has 14 principles (Bezos added 2 more before leaving). Every employee is trained to think using these 14 principles. My thesis is MrBeast thinks like Bezos would, if he was a YouTube creator. He fits right at home with the… Read More »Who Is The Bezos of YouTube? MrBeast

Shark Tank India vs US: Differences Explained

Shark Tank India is now in it’s 2nd season and is a ratings hit. Also the second season has much better startups. The startup ideas are better, lots of traction & some with healthy profits. It’s easy to think Indian version is similar to the U.S one but it’s very different. The similarities stop at the main theme that is you have 5 judges who are hearing to startup pitches & investing. So how is…

Consume to Create (TSP Framework)

This framework is just about taking what you are consuming which is like a life credit to convert into a life debit. Its about flipping what time, money, brain power you spend on others benefit, to your own benefit. Instead of sending time, money & brain power to someone's account you use it create something that will attract time, money & engagement from others.

Did Alexa Ever Have Product Market Fit?

The sales of Alexa devices are misleading because if you have a website with 100M shoppers and you give away a gadget with futuristic features worth $50 for $20. Then a lot of those 100M shoppers will buy it to give it a try or gift it. And Amazon made sure Alexa devices were dead cheap in sales events in the last five years

$220K+ per Month Patreon Channel You Never Heard Off

$220K+ per Month Patreon Channel You Never Heard Off. Tim Dillon's patreon channel for this podcast makes $220K per month from 40k+ subscribers. Most thought leaders in the space will tell you its because there are not enough tools but the real reason behind it is, internet is very efficient market place. Unless you have something unique and valuable that is not replicable there is no moat. Read more to see how?

Brands Can Die, Even Tesla

In this post I want to talk about brands. They are everywhere from movie star brands to chicken soup brands. They are hard to create but also easy recognize. Some brands are willed into existence like A16Z, while some brands are pure consistent performance or quality or some other attribute that consumers like.