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Should Snapchat Copy Instagram’s Timeline? | The Startup Project

Snapchat success came in the era, where any successful social media company would be acquired by Facebook. It not only avoided the acquisition but thrived on its own terms, garnered a significant audience and has become a major participant in the cultural machine. They try to stand by as an innovating company with new ideas,… Read More »Should Snapchat Copy Instagram’s Timeline? | The Startup Project

Apple’s $1 Trillion Moat

Moats in general, are viewed as a great defense for a company, protecting it from traditional market competition and enabling it to deliver long-term shareholder value. And Tesla’s supercharger network is considered as a great moat for the company by its investors. But if rapid pace of innovation can beat all kinds of defenses, the question is if there is a moat that can withstand rapid innovation cycles. Well there is one — brand.