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Who Is The Bezos of YouTube? MrBeast

MrBeast is Bezos of YouTube.

Sounds crazy right? Wait, I will give some good reasons.

Amazon has 14 principles (Bezos added 2 more before leaving). Every employee is trained to think using these 14 principles.

My thesis is MrBeast thinks like Bezos would, if he was a YouTube creator.

He fits right at home with the 14 principles. I will breakdown how he fit below.

Principle 1: Frugality

MrBeast spends nothing more or nothing less than what a video needs.

  • Makes millions but no lavish lifestyle (he could live like Logan Paul πŸ˜› )
  • Saves a TON by building in NC.
  • Lives in a TINY apartment at work.

Principle 2: Customer Obsession

His viewer obsession for every sec of the video edit is INSANE.

Every sec is designed to engage you at any cost, from thumbnail photoshoots to editing (zoom, pan & sound).

He will BURN money if it means you don’t blink while watching.


Principle 3: Re-investment:

MrBeast makes 10s of Millions, puts back every penny back in to making videos.

  • bigger story lines
  • crazier stunts
  • $14.1M sound stage
  • 26 cameras (worth $775k) to just shoot time lapses
  • recreate @squidgame

the list goes on…

Principle 4: Learn & Be Curious

(this is my favorite)

He learns everyday from every body.

He calls ppl randomly (during his evening walks) and learns from them.

Don’t believe me?

Ask @BenWilsonTweets, the producer of MFM pod & host of @HTTOTWMrBeast @MrBeast@BenWilsonTweets EOY? We got basketball in like 8 days9:00 PM βˆ™ Aug 13, 20222,515Likes25Retweets

@MrBeast reached out to @BenWilsonTweets as he found his podcast interesting

He reaches out to the smallest of the creators and gives them tips and learns from them.

He doesn’t want to miss out on the smallest of the INSIGHT a new creator might have.


Principles 5: Insist on highest standards:

His OBSESSION over every second of a video comes across even in his interviews.

It’s a second nature to him, he can’t help it.

Ex: In Colin & Samir interview he directs the cameraman on what frame he should use.

MrBeast is known for discarding his videos if it doesn’t meet his standards

Listen to Reed, his business partner explain how he has to explain this to his brand sponsors.

Principle 6: Think Big

From what I can tell, he can ONLY think big.

β†’ Has 6 YouTube channels (not including English & Spanish)

  • MrBeast
  • Beast Reacts
  • Beast Philanthropy
  • MrBeast Gaming
  • MrBeast 2
  • MrBeast Shorts

β†’ Only creator who uses YT’s SCALE & expanded beyond English audience into Hindi & Spanish!

Biggest YT channel is an Indian Channel and Indians are the biggest YouTube consumers, so its an important shift in thinking for U.S creators.

β†’ Leverages his distribution to create new companies

  • Feastables (Food Company)
  • MrBeast Burger (Virtual & Physical Restaurants)
  • Beast Philanthropy
  • Investor (Backbone, Creative Juice & more)
  • Translation service for other YT channels

I think I made my point with breaking down these principles, till next time, don’t stay average. Consume above average!

Give me a follow on Twitter, we don’t know how long the company will exit, lets make the most while it lasts. πŸ™‚