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#30: Jacob Colker – Co-Managing Director AI2 Incubator

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In this episode of Startup Project Nataraj spoke to  Jacob Colker – Co-Managing Director AI2 Incubator.

Inaugurated five years ago by the late Paul Allen and Professor Oren Etzioni, the commercialization arm of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence was tasked with creating an incubator program for the brightest minds in AI to launch the next wave of technology companies that would change the world. Jacob Colker, Vu Ha, and Bryan Hale were tasked to fulfill this mandate.

Full conversation includes:

  • Getting into tech
  • Story of Allen Institute Incubator AI2
  • Business Model of AI2
  • AI hype
  • Will LLM’s disrupt search business model?
  • AI effects on knowledge work


Past guests of Startup Project podcast include Ali Moiz (, Kirby Winfield (, Eric Bahn (Hustle Fund), and many more.

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