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#64 Matt McIlwain – MD Madrona Venture Group on How They Invest in Tech Unicorns?

Nataraj interviewed veteran VC Matt McIlwain of Madrona Venture Group on Startup Project podcast. Matt shared his insights into the state of venture capital and the impacts of AI, drawn from his 20+ years of experience.  Some key takeaways: 1. Venture is a “tale of two cities” now – later stage startups are struggling, earlier stage companies embracing AI are thriving 2. Seattle has unmatched talent but lacks local capital – still over-reliant on Silicon Valley VCs 3. Incumbents have the edge currently in leveraging AI due to data, customers, ability to integrate via APIs – but long term, AI-native startups will win out 4. Partnerships forming between big tech and AI startups provide startups with computing resources while allowing tech giants to take an open, marketplace approach to AI We highly recommend tuning in to hear Matt’s take on venture capital, AI, and building an enduring company. Full conversation is available on all major podcast platforms – links below!  

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