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#62 Ashmeet Sidana – Founder of Engineering Capital on Investing in Technical Insights

In this episode of the podcast, we feature Ashmeet Sidana, the founder and Chief Engineer of Engineering Capital. Ashmeet has an extensive background in engineering and venture capital, with experience as the Director of Product Management at VMWare and as a venture capitalist.

During the conversation, Ashmeet discusses various topics, including his experience developing the ESx Server at VMWare and leading seed rounds of companies like Azure Power and Tubi. He also shares insights into why venture capitalists prefer startups to stay private and the importance of investing in technical insights.

Ashmeet also talks about his approach to getting in front of future founders and explains why he chooses not to invest in blockchain. He discusses the significance of large funding rounds in the AI seed stage and the value of investing in open-source companies.

To learn more about Ashmeet Sidana and his perspectives on investing in startups with technical risks, you can listen to the full episode on platforms like YouTube, Spotify & Apple.

Full conversation includes:

– Being Director of PM at VMware & Venture Capitalist

– Developing ESx Server at VMWare

– Leading seed rounds of azure power (public & valued at $2B)

– Leading seed investment at Tubi

– Starting Engineering capital

– Why vcs want startups to stay private

– What it means to invest in technical insights

– Getting infront of future founders

– Not investing in blockchain?

– Large funding rounds in AI seed stage

– Investing in opensource companies

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