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#60 Tim Chen – Open Source Contributor to Infrastructure Startups Investor

Tim Chen is the Managing Partner at Essence VC, an early-stage fund focused on data infrastructure and developer tool companies. He has over a decade of experience leading engineering in enterprise infrastructure and open source communities and companies. Prior to Essence, he was the SVP of Engineering at Cosmos, a popular open source blockchain SDK. Before Cosmos, he co-founded Hyperpilot with Stanford Professor Christos Kozyrakis, leveraging decades of research to disrupt the enterprise infrastructure space, which later exited to Cloudera. Tim was an early employee at Mesosphere and CloudFoundry. He is also active in the open source space as an Apache Software Foundation core member, maintainer of Apache Drill and Apache Mesos, and CNCF TOC contributor.

Full Conversation includes:

  • Early Career
  • Co-Founding Hyperpilot
  • Being early to Kubernetes
  • Failing to get a job at a VC fund
  • Story of how Essence Fund started
  • How Tim approached investing and building reputation

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