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#16 Jeremy Neilson on all things Venture | Startup Project by Nataraj

In this Episode of Startup project, Nataraj talked to Jeremy Neilson, CEO & Co-Founder of Prior to co-founding Assure, Jeremy ran Utah Fund of Funds and later went on to found Assure. Assure created & pioneered the usage of SPVs and became the synonymous as backend of Venture Capital. Assure’s clients include Republic, Launch Fund, Forge, Equity Zen and more.

Full conversation includes:

  • Origin story of Assure
  • How Assure created SPVs that powered AngelList and others.
  • State of Venture from Assure’s point of View
  • Evolution of VC firms

Full conversation here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Follow Jeremy on LinkedIn at Checkout for more updates.

Nataraj is an engineer at Azure, partner at NVC & hosts podcast. Follow him on Twitter at & stay up to date here.