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#12 Harvey Multani: Founder RUV Alliance & Miami100 DAO

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Harvey is an interesting guest and currently runs RUV Alliance. I have come to know Harvey as he started disrupting the angel investing space using RUVs (roll up vehicles) to create a way for investors to invest in deals with out any carry.

This was definitely not the use case RUVs were initially created for, but Angel list team has been supportive to Harvey’s efforts and the alliance has more than 1000+ investors investing across the world.

Since this conversation RUV Alliance has now changed its strategy from using RUVs to SPVs to make deal making more efficient & less cumbersome for founder. It is also currently experimenting with different pricing for its 1000+ investors to access zero carry deals.

The SPVs that are used by RUV alliance are created and managed by AngelList which also the case with the roll-up vehicles from which the idea started.

For more in-depth take listen to the full conversation, which includes:

  • The origins of RUV Alliance
  • Goals as an investor community
  • Macro factors that helped RUV Alliance
  • Dynamics with other SPVs 
  • AngelList’s reaction to RUV Alliance
  • Who funds RUV Alliance?
  • Miami100 DAO


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