#12 Harvey Multani: Founder RUV Alliance & Miami100 DAO | Startup Project by Nataraj

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In this Episode of Startup project, Nataraj talked to Harvey Multani, Founder of RUV Alliance & Miami100 DAO. 

Prior to starting RUV Alliance, Harvey was an early employee at Coinbase and Plaid working in business development and GTM Strategies. 

Full conversation includes:

  • The origins of RUV Alliance
  • Goals as an investor community
  • Macro factors that helped RUV Alliance
  • Dynamics with other SPVs 
  • AngelList’s reaction to RUV Alliance
  • Who funds RUV Alliance?
  • Miami100 DAO
  • Where is the leverage for individuals today?

Full Conversation here:

Follow Harvey on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/harvey-multani-95b591208/ and learn more about RUV Alliance here. 

Nataraj is an engineer at Azure, partner at planbcapital.co & hosts thestartupproject.io podcast. Follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/natarajsindam & stay up to date here.