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#8 Sajid Rahman: Founder MyAsiaVC, 1000+ Startups 40+ Exits

In this Episode of Startup project, Nataraj talked to Sajid Rahman, Founder of My Asia VC.

For any one who invests on Angellist will have seen a investment opportunity from MyAsiaVC. It is probably the most active Angel List syndicate.

Sajid is the operator-investor who is behind MyAsiaVC who invested in 1000+ Startups with 40+ Exits. His portfolio companies span all geographical regions including North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latam.

Sajid took scaling as a solo capitalist to the next level. His decision making in unique to most investors and has scaled his investing across the globe with a very small team, which is extremely impressive.

Full conversation includes:

  • Transition from Banking to Angel Investing
  • Solving the cold start problem
  • Best way to start leading investments in 2021
  • Graduating from a syndicate to fund
  • Thought process behind Investing in different stages
  • Thesis for the new late stage fund
  • Why he thinks startup investing is not risky
  • Decisions making style
  • Trends he is looking forward in next couple of years.


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Startup Project is hosted by Nataraj, you can follow him on twitter at @natarajsindam & on LinkedIn.


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