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#7 Martin Tobias: Founder of

In this Episode of Startup project, Nataraj talked to Martin Tobias, Founder of Incisive Ventures.

Martin is a serial entrepreneur, investor in 100+ deals as an angel, also the Founder of a leading Angel network, Element8. He is also 3x CEO, and has raised over $500M (including two IPOs).

His syndicate on Angel List is one of the most active and well known for bringing quality deals to his LPs. He also write elaborately about his thesis at

Martin himself has been an LP in a lot of venture funds and also an early investor in Google & Docusign to name a few.

Full conversation with Martin includes:

  • First Angel Investment
  • Meta Themes
  • Capital Efficiency in North America vs India
  • Looking at valuations with the lens of notional capital
  • What led to his investment in DocuSign at a time when electronic signatures were not legal
  • Story behind starting Incisive in the middle of a pandemic


Startup Project podcast guests include Ali Moiz (Founder of, Kirby Winfield (, Eric Bahn (Hustle Fund), and many more.

Startup Project is hosted by Nataraj, you can follow him on twitter at @natarajsindam & on LinkedIn.


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