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#6 Vipul Agrawal: Founder of | The Startup Project by Nataraj

This is a special episode. I have known Vipul for over 6 months now. With in just couple of conversations I have come to realize that he is one of the most interesting founders I have come across.

In this episode we talked about:

  • Vipul’s journey prior to starting & building Rutogo & CricnWin.
  • Making money using Internet
  • The concept of Fandom vs Respect
  • How his experience working with influencers in cricket and co-producing movies is helping him build Unlu?
  • How does the journey of making an Unlu Class happen, from concept to production?
  • How does Unlu convince the like of Ruskin Bond & Manoj Bajpayee come and teach their craft on Unlu?
  • Market size of Indian Influencer economy
  • what’s next after Unlu Shoutouts & Unlu class?
  • What are the moats that are separating Unlu from the competition?
  • Thesis behind Angel investing and the experience of seeing exits like Fitso (aq by Zomato)

Listen to the full conversation below:

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