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NFTs in Games? (Bonus Clip)

Liron & Nataraj discuss about what problems is NFTs fixing?


Nataraj: What about NFT first games? ,

Liron: So the, I guess the game pitch is, you know, you worked hard to earn this NFT item through your skill in this game, and now you’re gonna go play another game. Right. So don’t, you wish that you could still have like a comparable thing in that other game, right?

So that’s supposed to be the pitch.

Nataraj: Yeah. I mean, gameplay should be the pitch, right? Like that that’s I, I guess you’ve made this point with he as well. I think in one of your tweets, you are a, you have your product, right? Like why your product is good, but most of the websites advertise why the token is good.

Liron: If the problem is I’m gonna play two different games by two different developers. And I, I worked hard to level up my character and invest in one game.

Liron: Well, maybe it’s fine that I start from scratch in the next game. Right? Like how has it suddenly, like crypto has made us like such geniuses that we think it makes sense to like, not start from scratch in, in new games.

Liron Shapira is known as the guy who write twitter threads about web3 use cases including Axie Infinity & Helium.

But before becoming twitter famous, he is also a founder & angel investor and currently runs a YC backed startup called Relationship Hero.

The irony in his angel investments is he made life changing money by investing in Coinbase which was a 500x return on his investment.

Full conversation includes:

  • Failure with Quixey (50M+ Series C)
  • Relationship Hero (YC Backed)
  • Seed Investment in $COIN (listen for exit multiple)
  • Investing in Russian Bonds
  • Web3 Use cases (cross border payments, helium, NFTs in gaming, Uber on Web3, Identity)

Nataraj is a PM at Azure, investor & host of podcast. Follow him on Twitter at

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