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500x Return from Coinbase Angel Investment

Liron Shapira is known as the guy who writes twitter threads about web3 use cases including Axie Infinity & Helium.

But before becoming twitter famous, he is also a founder & angel investor and currently runs a YC backed startup called Relationship Hero.

The irony in his angel investments is he made life changing money by investing in Coinbase which was a 500x return on his investment.

Here is a clip of him talking about his Coinbase investment. Listen to get the full details of his investment including original investment and over all returns.

In the full conversation Liron & Nataraj talked about:

  • Failure with Quixey (50M+ Series C)
  • Relationship Hero (YC Backed)
  • Seed Investment in $COIN (listen for exit multiple)
  • Investing in Russian Bonds
  • Web3 Use cases (cross border payments, helium, NFTs in gaming, Uber on Web3, Identity)

For Full conversation with Liron check out Episode 24 of Startup Project.

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