#2 Pankaj Jain: COO Workomo & Investor | The Startup Project

Pankaj Jain is currently COO of Workomo. He has worn multiple hats in his journey from being a founder, operator & investor. He is also an advisor to Angel List India’s The Collective Fund.

We talked about:

  • Creating communities like Startup weekend & now Indian startup club on -clubhouse (https://indianstartup.club/​​)
  • Working at TLabs (Times Internet’s Accelerator)
  • Different Accelerator models in India
  • Leading 500 Startup’s India Strategy
  • Evolution of Food Startups in India
  • Jio Effect in India
  • Advising for Angel List India’s The Collective Fund
  • Perspective on AL Syndicates
  • Indian companies registering outside India
  • 2020 is it a crisis/bubble/opportunity
  • Being chief operating officer at Workomo

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Follow Pankaj on Twitter (https://twitter.com/pjain​​) and learn more about Workomo at https://workomo.com​​
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