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#72 Todd Bishop GeekWire Co-founder, Business and tech journalist on big tech, AI and more!

New episode with Todd Bishop, GeekWire’s co-founder.

Todd is a longtime business and technology journalist who reports on subjects including AI, the cloud, startups, and health technology, plus Amazon and Microsoft, in addition to hosting GeekWire’s weekly podcast. This is Todd’s second appearance on the Startup Project podcast.

In our conversation, we discuss:

🔸 How is a tech business journalist using AI?

🔸 Does AI live up to the hype?

🔸 Covering Big tech’s AI strategy as Geekwire Editor

🔸 Amazon’s ecommerce AI assistant

🔸Why hasn’t Amazon integrated Alexa with an LLM?

🔸Data privacy legislation in AI

🔸Layoffs in tech

🔸TikTok Ban, will it or will it not happen?

🔸Much more

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