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Is it worth creating new websites in the world of LLMs?


The explosion of generative AI products was possible bcoz we contributed to the open internet.

We created data that created LLMs.

But do LLMs remove incentives for us to create more data?

Read on 👇

If we move away from searching & visiting websites to chatting with copilots the dynamics of new websites on the web will change forever.

  • barrier to visit a website goes up 🔺
  • clicks wont generate revenue 🔻
  • incentive to create new websites will go close to zero

Is this a new thing? No, this is not a new trend.

The incentive on the web to create a new website has been consistently going down, but there has not been a step change to our browsing behavior.

That’s all about to change with copilots.

Is there any good coming from this? Yes

  • The incentive to create click baits will go down.
  • If your main revenue source comes from LLM attribution instead of regular clicks, then the clickbait as a strategy will no longer work.