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How Close is Shark Tank India to the Indian Startup Ecosystem? (TSP Insights)

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Full Notes:

  • One of the interesting things in Shark Tank India versus Shark Tank US that I’ve noticed is Shark Tank US is pretty much small and medium enterprise.
  • If a Silicon Valley style pitch comes up, like Mark Cuban will throw them out, uh, you know, this kind of ration doesn’t work here. One thing I was amazed to see in this season particularly is, um, it’s much more closer to Indian startup ecosystem. Um, I’ve actually seen couple of these pitches before they were on track tank, like Flatheads, uh, was the shoe company, which is similar to like a shoe company here.
  • There was another one, mind peers was like a mindful company that came on recently, which I’ve seen before. Um, The interesting thing is it’s much more similar to a venture, uh, you know, ecosystem than the S m E market that we are seeing, even though we see a lot of SME companies, but the language is pretty close to VC.
  • Like no one says, hey, we are doing a pre-seed on Shark Tank us. Right? We are just asking for money. And, you know, this is a small and medium business


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