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Consume to Create (TSP Framework)

Consumerism is at the core of what we are in the society. Everything revolves around what can one consume. Be it a car, new clothes, watches or anything.

This framework is in the context of creation, creating new things.

If you are looking to create new things this might help you think & align your consumption so that it drives your creation.

Here is the framework:

  • If you want to create a podcast, listen to podcasts. Not just
    one or two podcasts but a crazy amount of them for a good amount
    of time. Not just the famous podcasts but the niche ones too.
  • If you want to write a book, first read a lot of books.

Another way to think about this is:

What do I consume a lot, that I can create?

  • Say you consume a lot of TikTok, instead of just scrolling start making them
  • If you are scrolling consuming a lot of redfin, get a real estate
    license (yes there are ton of people who scroll redfin with out an
    intention to make a purchase.)
  • If you read a lot of books, then may be you can write one.

This framework is just about taking what you are consuming which is like a life credit to convert into a life debit.

Its about flipping what time, money, brain power you spend on others benefit, to your own benefit. Instead of sending time, money & brain power to someone’s account you use it create something that will attract time, money & engagement from others.

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