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#26 Mohan Belani: Co-Founder of

Todays guest is Mohan Belani the co-founder of E27 is tech publication covering SEA startups.

I have discovered E27 as I was looking for finding the tech publications covering startup ecosystems that I was interested in following. E27 is like TechCrunch but for Southeast Asia.

Check out my full conversation with Mohan where we talk about:

  • Origins of
  • Startups in SEA (Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia & Vietnam)
  • Businesses model of e27
  • Two sides of running a media business
  • Events business
  • Angel investing and starting seed stage fund
  • YC effect in SEA startups
  • Starting a Seed Fund

& many more


Past guests of Startup Project podcast include Ali Moiz (, Kirby Winfield (, Eric Bahn (Hustle Fund), and many more.

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