#19 Shruti Gandhi: Founder and General Partner of Array.VC on early stage investing

In this Episode of Startup Project, Nataraj talked to Shruti Gandhi, GP of Array.VC. Before founding Array.VC a solo fund investing in b2b enterprise companies, she was a founder and an engineer. For more info check out her newsletter at shrutigandhi.substack.com

Full Conversation includes:

– Transition from engineer to vc
– Working at Corporate VC vs running your own fund
– Raising first fund for Array.VC
– Things to look out for first time fund managers
– Push vs Pull investing
– Cheque Sizes
– Megatrons
– Solo Brands in Venture

Nataraj is a PM at Azure, partner at NVC & hosts thestartupproject.io podcast. Follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/natarajsindam. You can also subscribe to his newsletter at getrevue.co/profile/StartupProject