Startup Project’s Favorite Podcasts

I am a heavy podcast consumer. The following list is not the best podcast ever created. It is a list that I listen most to. Each of these podcasts have their strengths and weaknesses but all of them are engaging if you are interested in the topics they deal with.

1. Invest Like the Best by Patrick O’Shaughnessy

This podcast is the podcast that I have listened to the most over the past 2 years. Patrick’s appetite to learning new things makes him a great interviewer. His conversations range from Wall street insiders to the latest unicorn founder.

2. Planet Money By NPR

NPR is the master of the podcast production and Planet money is not only the podcast that I have started listening religiously but still is one of the most interesting one. Their ability to convert interesting, unknown and often esoteric but important issues in unmatched.

3. Recode Media by Peter Kafka

As a nerd of media businesses, there is no better podcast to understand media businesses. Peter is an exceptional host.

4. Pivot by Kara & Scott

This podcast is both funny and insightful. Scott being a professor of marketing sells himself with humor and making outlandish and often accurate predictions. Kara brings her shrewd interviewing skills and keeps the podcast in check to talk about all things business and internet.

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