What happens when you subscribe? | The Startup Project

In a world where Gmail memory is limited and everyone is being spammed with newsletters, exclusive offers & unnecessary daily updates, I believe in not overloading our community with unnecessary cognitive input.

We will only send you an update when it is truly important. When a new episode is out, when a new exclusive event is scheduled for subscribers, when we recommend a new book and when we create new programs that will help our community. And most often these emails will be combined to send at max 1 email per week.

The emails are to inform and not to enlighten. We value our subscribers time and cognitive capacity and will not over load it with updates.

Subscribe if you are interested to know about the following:

  • Exclusive member events
  • Book club — Book recommendations & Free Book Summary PDFs
  • New episodes & access to episode notes when released
  • New Community Initiatives

If you interested in our content and initiatives, please subscribe here.

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